Kanji、Katakana、Hiragana Lesson

インフォメーション | 2017.07.31

17155415_1277096872373415_8864187049878091638_n11212706_847628611998378_1799271249304409220_oIt is Japanese letter lessons dedicated to overseas people.

【Recommended for this person】

⚫If you are interested in Japanese culture

⚫How to write beautiful letters

⚫How to memorize the correct writing order

⚫How to know the meaning of characters

⚫How to write your name in kanji

⚫How to write your name in Hiragana

⚫How to write your name in katakana

⚫How to raise your concentration skills by eliminating thinking

⚫How to face yourself

⚫How to feel self-affirmation

【Lesson fee】
Twice a month 4,000 yen (60 minutes × 2 times)

Admission fee 3,000 yen

Small group of up to 4 people

I will instruct you carefully

Initial experience fee (30 minutes 1,000 yen)

*By appointment only*



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